Maui General Contractors

Maui General Contractors

General Contractors Blue Prints


A General Contractors Responsibilities:

A “GC” is hired to take a set of plans and turn them into the job you have requested to have built and will typically oversee the entire project.

They will orchestrate the comings and goings of the workers, order materials, inspect the work to be done, coordinate an ever-changing schedule of tasks, and handle a lot of the paperwork, which will include material bills, payroll, and issuing invoices to you, the residential homeowner, commercial building owner or landowner.

They will also arrange for the needed subcontractors (excavation contractors, plumbers, electricians, dry-wallers, tilers, roofers, and foundation crew, whatever and whoever is needed)

It is their responsibility to make sure the subs do their jobs on time and in strict accordance with the plans.


“Subs” get their name from their relationship to the general.

We will contract with individual subcontractors or “subs” when needed to complete specified tasks for specified pricing structures.

You may need several subcontractors or none, depending upon the nature of the work you need.

Among the subs that may be needed for a residential or commercial project that involves extending an existing foundation which may include a surveyor, earth-moving “excavating” subcontractor for excavation and site preparation, and foundation contractor for the footings and retaining walls (though another sub, a mason, may be hired to build the walls if they are to be of block, concrete or rock).

Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) roofing, drywall, painting, and clean-up contractors may also be needed to work on your project.

Adding significant financial and aesthetic equity to your home or workplace should be your goal.