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What are the most common excavation methods?

The method or the process of moving earth, topsoil, rock or other materials with specialized heavy equipment.

Excavating is most widely used in construction to create residential and commercial building foundations, reservoirs and roads.

Some of the different processes used include trenching, digging, demolition, grading, benching swimming pools, ponds, septic systems in order to achieve proper site development to name a few.

Each of these processes requires unique techniques, tools, and machinery to get the job done right.

The processes and procedures used will depend upon the structure that will result from the construction process.


Excavator Digging Trench


Types Of Excavation Services


Backyard, Yard:
Typically smaller projects with smaller equipment (Skid Steer, Mini Excavator, etc..) consisting of, trenches for irrigation, footings for building extensions, grading land for landscaping etc.. However, some yard projects can consist of bigger plans like, swimming pools, septic, retaining walls to name a few. Access around the building is matched with the size of the job to be the most efficient.

Drainage Ditch System:
Preparing the foundation or land for proper and effective water dispersing/removal.

The process of removing and preparing unstable ground prior to the paving being laid down.

Erosion Control:
The clean up and repair of unstable ground usually caused from natural disasters or previously poor stablization of the land.

Footing & Foundation:
Preparation of an area below ground made of poured concrete that is load bearing to stabilize and support walls, slabs, columns, retaining walls, pier and beam.

Site Prep:
Preparing the land for a specified level, slope, surface drainage or elevation.

Swimming pools:
Layout, preparation and removal of dirt prior to pool installation.

Septic Tank Systems:
Trenches, drain field and installation.

Topsoil Removal:
Preparation and removal of vegetation, the top layer surface level in which pants grow.

Trench or Trenching:
A narrow man made cavity or cut in the ground typically no wider than 15 feet across.